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A global brand is born ViA a better way!

The brand ViA was born as early as 1999, in Dubai by its founder Lars Olof Kanngard. The ViA Group today operates under the ViA Groups holding company the ViA Global Solutions Pte Ltd in Singapore, with initiated operations in several countries. The first company who did carry the ViA Brand was ViA Emirates LLC, back in 2005, before that, as a concept name.

The ViA Group has developed the ViA Brand and has today resulted in a large IP Portfolio (IP stands for Intellectual Property).

Here on the ViA Brand website, we will present all different trade names, registered trademarks and service marks used by the ViA Group. You will also find examples of different designs and how we have used some of the registered service and trademarks as well as you will get the story on how each of them came to life. The ViA Model and its ViA Concept have a broad range of products and services, which you can find links to here. Some trademarks have already been registered and gained registrations others are applied and others will be applied as service- or trademark. The ViA Group also has a large number of pending patents as well as granted patent, visit The ViA Concept is built on a unique Business Model Innovation, which you can read more about The ViA group was the owner of more than 1,000 web names (URL's) up to 2018, today 2019 we have reduced the range down to 400 unique web names. here you find them.

Payment Solutions Innovtions

Behind the many great innovations and concept solutions the ViA Group is standing on, is not a one-man-show, it stands on a larger group of team members, advisers, contributors who have from as early as 1998, or earlier, contributed their skills and experiences for making a difference for a Safe - Fair and Affordable complimentary global payment solutions on the way to a cashless society. More important a combination of a visionary founder and a technology multi-disciplined expert, Mats Engstrom, who Lars Kanngard refers to as the other half of the brain, ar as the Swedish Tech-Duo the team who has developed solutions for as long as 36 years (2019) did start together already 1983.


After their experiences in Europe, Asia, and Africa, primarily, they did see that the way the online industry going towards, will actually create larger exclusion, rather than inclusion and in early 2017 they did innovate, maybe the largest ever FinTech Solution, the ViA MiniPay concept, which is a true and real secure Offline Payment Terminal and concept solution.

Read more about the ViA MiniPay solution on this link: The biggest FinTech innovationever..

ViA Logo

The ViA Logo Green

ViA Official Logo

The ViA official logotype is a registered Trademark in many countries around the world.

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ViA Service

ViA Card Logo green

ViA Card

ViA Card is a registered trademark and service mark and the name for the ViA Groups card products, with a focus on prepaid cash card.

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ViA Symbol

The ViA Singel Font

ViA Single Character Logo

The ViA Single character image is a result of making ONE single character still displaying the ViA logo or the ViA name.

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ViA Slogans

ViA Slogan a better way

ViA a better way!

ViA a better way! become a slogan already back in 2005 when ViA was created. Today we have trademark registrations in several of countries, and more to come....

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ViA Care

ViA Care logo with a heart

ViA Care - CSR

The Corporate Social Responsibility program of the ViA Model is as you may know a well defined and well documented vision which will be carried out under this brand.

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Vians the ViA Mascot

Vians - the message

The Vian or Vians are the global instructor, the symbol and the mascot who instruct the consumers and users on how to use any of the ViA concepts or products and tell the story about the ViA Card features, all the security issues. Explains that it is free and also about the fact that a ViA Cardholder also get values back, ViA return's value to the user.

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ePay Logo

ePay logo

Read about ePay Logo - Thailand

ViA Card (Thailand) Co Ltd has a subsidiary named ePAY - Electronic Payment Network (Thailand) Co Ltd also known as e-Pay (ePay) Thailand. The company was started back in 2005 and in return for a minority share position ePay Malaysia gave the exclusive right to EPN to use both trademarks other IP rights as well as software etc. You can here jump directly to the e-Pay website in Thailand, click here or select READ MORE to finds more details related to the logo

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Jingle and Sounds

ViA Sound logo

ViA Jingle and Sounds

ViA has developed and composed its own Jingle and its music for both ringtone, presentation background music-on-hold as will as produced corporate videos and cartons.

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Different designed ViA CArds
The ViA eBM Terminal online and offline terminal
The ViA Agents designed uniforms and branding
ViA gadgets umbrella
The ViA information card consumers
ViAns instructions
ViA Card with a Visa logo as a sample for a potential co-branding
ViA Coffe mug

ViA - a brand for the people. ViA Card - a card for the people.

Short About ViA

The ViA logo and slogan a better way
ViA Prepaid cash Card - Card for people - Brand for the people. Payment reevaluation, a new thinking for how to allow the vast majority of consumers in the world from 5 year and up, to become part of the e-society, instant settlement and instant rewards and benefit.
ViA Card will be launched for public use, as planned in early 2023.

ViAcard - FREE - SAFE - FAIR

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